Gift Ideas for Surgery Recovery

Gift Ideas for Surgery Recovery

Make someone feel special with a thoughtful gift to help them recover from surgery

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one who has undergone surgery doesn't have to be difficult. Keeping it simple works the best.

Make Them Feel Loved

People want to feel loved and taken care of when they are recovering from surgery
Everyone wants to feel loved, especially when they have been through a difficult time such as recovering from surgery. Here are some ideas of how to help them through this.

Feed the Soul

Getting proper nutrition is essential during surgery recovery. Your loved one may not be able to cook meals while they are healing. Pre-cooked meals that are freezer friendly make a wonderful gift. Organizing a meal train is another way you can help provide food for your loved one. Out of town friends and family can order meals online for delivery (,

Get Comfortable

Trying to get comfortable after surgery can be challenging
Healing from surgery can be a long process. Getting enough rest is important. Your loved one may need extra help in finding a way to rest comfortably. They may need to sleep upright in a recliner or have special pillows to help them lay comfortably. A body pillow or an underarm pillow, like The Shell Pillow® (, can make the perfect gift for someone who needs extra support while healing.

Dress Simply 

Dressing in the right clothes can add to comfort while recovering from surgery. Breathable fabrics like cotton can help keep your loved ones cool. Buttons or snaps can make dressing easier than pulling clothing overhead. Special clothing with pockets can help with surgeries that include equipment such as drains to be put in. Giving them clothes (; that make life easier for them shows that you are truly thinking of their needs.

Defeat Boredom

Staying entertained
Recovering from surgery can be boring. The inability to travel and possible confinement to a bed can make the healing process drag on. Books, TV subscriptions and video games can help keep your loved one entertained. Purchasing the latest novel from their favorite author, or a gift card for Netflix (, Hulu ( or Nintendo eShop ( would relieve boredom.
These simple gifts ideas can show your loved one that you care and are thinking of them. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
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