Our Story

It began as a gift

One of my best friends, Shelley, was having a double mastectomy. I began searching online for a gift that could help Shelley during her recovery. I found a few types of pillows. Most were heart-shaped. None had removable covers. I wasn’t satisfied with what was available so I decided to make my own. I made the pillows to fit under her arms and have removable covers (I did not like the idea of having a pillow that you would place under your arm without having a way to wash the outer layer). Shelley loved the gift and used it daily in her recovery. 

As years passed, I continued to make pillows for family, friends and neighbors who have undergone a mastectomy. I even met someone who found the pillow helpful after shoulder surgery.

Eventually, I decided that I wanted to offer the pillows to more people who could benefit from it.

I want to introduce The Shell Pillow® (named after Shelley).

- Mary Glassman, Owner/Inventor