I am beyond thankful for The Shell Pillow. It helped me get through my mastectomy surgery recovery in many ways and provided so much comfort. Having to deal with multiple incisions on both the front and back of my body, getting comfortable in a bed or chair was extremely challenging. I had to both rest and sleep sitting up. The best option was a large recliner, but it had its faults. Being petite, my arms could barely reach the arm rests. Here is where The Shell Pillow came to the rescue. The size and shape created the perfect amount of support under my arms. It was uncomfortable for my arms to be touching my sides or raised too high… The Shell Pillow made the perfect resting place. Using a standard pillow would be too bulky and hot. The Shell Pillow fabric was cool and soft. The washable pillowcases are genius; especially when dealing with drains after your surgery. The Shell Pillow was certainly a lifesaver and the best gift I received in aiding my recovery.
Shelley A.
This is a fantastic product for people with shoulder problems. My first total shoulder replacement failed after 14 years and needed the artificial joint components replaced with a reversal procedure. The months prior to getting the second replacement installed the Shell Pillow was a real life saver. The Shell Pillow relieved the pressure on my shoulder joint and provided a tremendous amount of pain relief while at my desk at work or at home watching TV. I highly recommend it.
John K.
I have been using The Shell Pillows since the day I came home from the hospital after my bilateral mastectomies, three years ago. The unique design allowed me to position them as I needed them to provide support to my arms while resting and sleeping. I don't know how I could have gotten through my recovery without them! I now use them to help in optimal body positioning during sleep, as well as support for a book while reading in bed and for optimal neck position. They are so versatile! The added bonus is that they are washable. I will continue to use them for years to come.
Barbara C.
Getting to sleep at night has been very difficult because of significant shoulder pain due to tendinosis and partial tearing in my shoulder. A regular pillow was too cumbersome and never stayed in place. Finally, with the design of this pillow, my sleep has greatly improved. The pillow stays in place and relieves the pressure on my shoulder. Even sitting in a chair was painful but with the support of The Shell Pillow tucked under my arm the pain is significantly reduced. I would highly recommend this product for relief of shoulder pain resulting from injury or shoulder replacement.
Doris S.
I used the Shell Pillow after my recent lumpectomy and it made my recovery so much better. I felt supported in a comfortable way and am so thankful I had it as my constant companion during my recovery.
Shannon H.
I gave the pillow to my daughter’s friend who just had surgery. She loved it so much I bought two more. One for myself and the other “just in case” someone else needs one.
Anne-Marie R.
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