How does The Shell Pillow help after breast surgery?

After breast surgery (lumpectomies & mastectomies), people often experience pain from having their arms touch their sides. The Shell Pillow helps relieve that discomfort. Our unique design fits perfectly under your arm to help you recover more comfortably.


How does The Shell Pillow help after shoulder surgery?

After shoulder surgery, the arm needs to stay stablized. The Shell Pillow gives the support needed to keep the arm in place while you recover. Many people have to return to work while they are still recovering. The Shell Pillow's attractive design allows you to feel comfortable using it at the office.


Does The Shell Pillow make a good gift?

The Shell Pillow makes the perfect gift for anyone having breast or shoulder surgery. Flowers don't last long and there can be dietary restrictions on foods. Many of our customers continue to use our pillows long after they have recovered from their surgery. If you are looking for something special, The Shell Pillow is a gift that will be remembered.


Should I purchase more than one recovery pillow?

There are many reasons why you may want to purchase more than one recovery pillow. First, if you are having surgery on both breasts, you will need a pillow for each arm. You may want to use the pillow in various parts of your house while you recover. It may be easier to leave The Shell Pillow in different spots so that you will not need to carry it with you. Lastly, if you are using The Shell Pillow to help recover from shoulder surgery, you may want to leave one at home and one at work.


Can you wash The Shell Pillow?

The Shell Pillow comes with a removable matching cover that is washable to help keep you clean while you recover. Only spot clean the pillow insert to keep the filling in place.


Why is it called "The Shell Pillow"?

This recovery pillow is named after Shelley, a breast cancer survivor. She is the inspiration for the design of this pillow. The Shell Pillow was given to her as a gift to help her during her recovery from a double mastectomy. Shelly remains cancer free.


Is The Shell Pillow covered by insurance?

The Shell Pillow is currently not covered by insurance.