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The Shell Pillow

The Shell Pillow® Blue • Surgery Recovery Pillow

The Shell Pillow® Blue • Surgery Recovery Pillow

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The Shell Pillow® provides the perfect support after surgery. It makes a memorable gift for a loved one who is recovering.


  • One blue recovery pillow
  • Matching fitted cover, removable for easy laundering

Best for recovering from:

  • Mastectomy
  • Lumpectomy
  • Shoulder Surgery
  • Rotator Cuff Surgery 
  • Torn Shoulder Tendon


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Premium polyester fill
  • Pillow approx. 21" x 15”
  • Cover approx. 21" x 17”


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gay Ann Reilly

This was very helpful after a lumpectomy. The shape and the stuffing fill was perfect to have between my arm and surgery site.


My mom had major shoulder surgery. She’s been in horrible pain and has had a difficult time sleeping. I’ve been through some brutal shoulder surgeries myself, TOS surgery, and breast tumor removal. I can completely relate to my mom’s discomfort. Fortunately I stumbled upon Mary’s pillows and was so excited! I ordered one for my mom and the pillow arrived right before she flew from CA to meet me in TX. She mistakenly put it in her suitcase, and didn’t use it on the plane. However, she used it for the first time to sleep in bed that night. Because of the pillow, it was the first night my mom was able to sleep through the night in weeks since surgery! I’ve told a few people about the pillow and they placed orders as well. My TOS keeps flaring up so guess what…I’m ordering myself one, too! Thank you, Mary, for your wonderful pillow!

Shannon Conner Herbon

I used the Shell Pillow after my recent lumpectomy and it made my recovery so much better. I felt supported in a comfortable way and am so thankful I had it as my constant companion during my recovery.

Doris Kistler Shiery

Getting to sleep at night has been very difficult because of significant shoulder pain due to tendinosis and partial tearing in my shoulder. A regular pillow was too cumbersome and never stayed in place. Finally, with the design of this pillow, my sleep has greatly improved. The pillow stays in place and relieves the pressure on my shoulder. Even sitting in a chair was painful but with the support of The Shell Pillow tucked under my arm the pain is significantly reduced. I would highly recommend this product for relief of shoulder pain resulting from injury or shoulder replacement.

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